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I am a wife & a mother to 2 girls.


I am married with 2 kids, 7yr old Taylor and 17yrs Raquel my step daughter along with them I also have 3 dogs!

I have had the luxury of working from home for almost 10yrs now which has allowed me to also be a stay at home mom, which is wonderful as it allows me to be there for Taylor when she needs me for school functions and when she was little I was the one raising her instead of someone else..

I decided to begin blogging to share my up and dows as a wife, parent and step mom and hopefully connect with other parents like me who just want to share your stories and get advice. So, I hope you will joing me in sharing your stories, secrets, etc...See you on the blog!


being with my family, swimming, camping, boating, deep sea fishing, i love to go hiking, playing with my 3 dogs and i love being a mom!